Little Big Soldier (2010)

Jackie Chan stars as a solider who survives a battle where both sides are wiped out by pretending to be dead.  Quite by accident he manages to capture a general of the opposing army.  Knowing that the reward for the capture is a 5 acres of good farmland and being excused from military service he ties him up and heads for home.  What he doesn’t know is that the general is also the crown prince of the other kingdom and that his younger brother is the one that set up the ambush.  He now is in pursuit to make sure that his older brother is dead and that his path to the throne is clear.  The captive and captor must work together to survive and along the way a simple man teaches a prince about the value of peace.

This is one of the best, if not the best movie from Jackie Chan that I’ve ever seen.  Let me be clear on this.  We do get some of the crazy stunts and excellent Kung Fu that you would expect from him.  But I’m talking about the story here.  Chan does an amazing job in his role as the simple man who is tired of war.  Without being preachy the movie does a great job getting it’s message across.  Basically the wealthy and powerful benefit from conflict, while the “little” man suffers for it.  It makes you question whether the brave general that wants to unite by conquest or the cowardly soldier that pretended to be dead is the better man.  In an interesting twist the end of the movie has them sort of switch positions.  I can’t say more without giving away spoilers. 

The fight choreography in this movie is up to the quality of what you expect when Jackie Chan’s name is attached to a project.  There are the funny bits with Chan having to escape from one situation and another.  I think my favorite bit with him involves trying to escape from a pole that he and the general are tied too.  We also get some nice fight sequences where blood flies as warrior’s clash.  I have to say that I don’t think I’ve seen a movie from Chan that is this bloody before.  But it fits the story that they are trying to tell.  And again without giving away the ending Little Big Soldier does something that I don’t think I’ve ever seen on film before. 

The company that put this out, Well Go USA, has been sending me movies to review for just a short time now.  They have consistently put out some great movies and this one is not different.  Again the story here is just so amazing and well done, I loved it.  I will be watching Little Big Solider again!  For more information on where you can pick this one up, as well as some of their other fantastic titles (really I’m not kidding…) go to their website at

4 out of 4

reviewed by John Shatzer

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